Monday, May 22, 2006

Hearing Evaluation

When Rachel saw the Craniofacial team in February, they recommended that Rachel have a hearing evaluation because it is routine with cleft affected children.

Rachel had that hearing evaluation today. And much to our surprise, she failed the two tests in both ears. The audiologist diagnosed her with mild hearing loss. And suggested we see her ENT for follow up. Thankfully we don't have to wait too long and I was able to get an appointment for Thursday morning.

Not really worried about the diagnosis. The way they test a 21 month old can't be all that accurate. And Rachel wasn't exactly cooperating either. LOL. We'll see what the ENT says when he sees her and go from there.


Theresa said...

Ethan had significant hearing loss in his left ear when we went last week for his hearing eval. We met with the ENT, and it turns out he'd lost one of his tubes and the other was blocked. So we get to have new tubes put in day after tomorrow. They said that should fix everything and his hearing should be normal shortly afterwards. We'll see.

Maybe it's something just as simple with Rachel. We'll be praying for ease and peace and the very real possibility that the test was just flawed.

Do they do that turn your head and see the dog light up and bark when you hear the sound? That's the one Ethan just did, and I thought it was a little ridiculous. He never turned his head to the left though... always to the right, even when the sounds were on the left side. So, I couldn't really argue. :o)

Darcy said...

The audiolodist said it looked as though her left tube is clogged. And he said it'd be up to the ENT as to what to do. He said there were drops they could put in her ear to dissolve the gunk, or perhaps even extreme as putting new tubes in her ears. And then they'd retest her hearing. The Audiologist also said the results could be affected by the fact she has a bit of a cold, and allergies, and sinuses. Well HELLO...this is the worst allergy season right now in Southern California and we've all got itchy ears, itchy throat, and sinus drainage. I'm sure the results are off. LOL.

Personally, I think I would rather let the tubes come out and see if she gets infections or has increased fluid in her ears and then determine whether or not tubes are needed again. She has only had one ear infection in her entire short life. And everytime I have her ears checked they say they are clear and there is no fluid.

Yes, they did the one test where she had to sit on my lap and then there were speakers in each corner of the front of the room, one side had a light up Coca Cola polar bear, the other side had a light up Simba lion, and smack dab in the middle was a light up Tweety Bird. She did good at the louder noises in turning her head to hear the noise, but I could tell she was pretty much not into what they were expecting her to do. LOL.

Kim said...

Whew, I am happy to hear you're not concerned! Mommies (and Daddies, of course) usually know their kiddies so well, so I am sure you're right. I'll still be praying though! Pediatric testing is just so hilarious sometimes, pure guesswork at times, huh?

Speaking of ears, as we were driving up to Mt. St. Helens this weekend, Abby said, "Hey, what's going on with my ears?" LOL. She cracks me up. We live at about 50 feet above sea level, and she isn't used to the pressure change. Our neurodevelopmental specialist (is there an acronym for that?) said last month that she has fluid in her ear and her drum is really retracted. She said it's not really anything to worry about but that it may take months to clear. So I was happy when she said her ears didn't hurt on the way up.

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