Thursday, April 13, 2006

Let the Therapy Begin...

The Speech Therapist returned my call yesterday and Rachel will begin speech therapy next Wednesday morning. She's suppose to go once a week for an hour, hopefully we can just schedule the appointment and have a standing day and time for each week.

I hope the Speech Therapist will be impressed with her improvement in the last month. At least we think she's improved. LOL.

In addition to setting up therapy for next week, we got a call this afternoon from Early Start, California's Department of Developemental Services. The case worker had received our request for services and was following up on the referral. Upon answering questions, it was obvious that Rachel could benefit from services offered by the State. The next step is setting up an actual one on one evaluation with Rachel, a step that could take 3-6 weeks. But at least the ball is rolling and Rachel's name is in the system!

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