Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Hesperia Zoo

Last week on a trip to the local pet store, Rachel was overcome with excitment to see tank after tank full of fish, and was even more amazed at the birds in the cages, as well as the guinea pigs and little mice. Hannah was never this interested, or shall I say, showed such outward excitement. So it's fun to watch Rachel when it comes to new and exciting things.

Today we went to The Hesperia Zoo, previously called The Cinema Safari Zoo because all the animals at this zoo are in showbiz of some sort...commercials, movies, etc. It's a small zoo, maybe 50 animals, in cages and exhibts where you are rather close to the animal. We thought it'd be fun to take Rachel. Not to mention it's also a favorite of Hannah's. The zoo is around the corner from Gramie's house, so Hannah has frequented this zoo quite a few times. Needless to say, we called and asked Gramie if she wanted to join us at the zoo, and she did.

Just as suspected, Rachel loved seeing all the animals. She was more excited at the beginning of the tour than towards the end, but I think it's because she didn't get a nap.

Saying "Hi" from one lil piggy to another.

Alta Dena the Cow. This cow is MASSIVE in size!

CrackerJack the Camel gets a little closer

This is Safari. He sure had his eyes on Rachel. It was rather neat to see him crouch down as if he was going to pounce on lunch. LOL.
Thank goodness for cages!
She loved getting up close and being able to pet and chase the lamb.

Kazoo, eating a treat.
It was a great trip to the zoo. We were the only ones on this tour, so we had the animal trainer all to ourselves to talk to and ask questions. She even took a little longer on the tour for us. Rachel had a lot of fun, and I think if she had had a nap, she would have lasted til the end with her excitment over the animals.

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