Thursday, March 23, 2006

Speech Evaluation

Today was Rachel's speech evaluation with the speech pathologist from our craniofacial team. It went well. It was pretty interesting the things she did in order to see where Rachel is in her language development.

Adrianna, the speech pathologist, had a box of objects that she introduced to Rachel. She asked her to do certain things with them and observed how she responded and reacted, also watching for any vocalization or sounds Rachel made. Her observations were that Rachel is a little delayed in her receptive language. This means her ability to take in what she's being told, or being asked to do. And obviously she's delayed in her expressive language...her being able to verbalize or sign.

The plan is, once her official report has been written and submitted to the board to review, to start speech therapy, once a week for an hour. Therapy will more than likely start the second week of April.

She also suggested that we pursue Early Start, California's Department of Developemental Services. In Rachel's case, because she was born with a cleft lip and palate, she most likely is eligible for speech therapy through the State of California. Involvement in the two programs will only reinforce one another and make each more beneficial. Unfortunately, I've tried contacting the local office a few months back with no success. But I recently discovered there is a mother of one of Hannah's classmates who can help get my information to the right people as she works in the system.

Meanwhile, while we wait for official therapies to begin, we just need to keep on doing what we've been doing...reinforcing words and signs.

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