Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Feeding the Ducks

Cousin McKenzie is spending the afternoon with Gramma today. We decided to take the girls to feed the ducks at a nearby Veterns Hospital that has beautiful grounds with a little lake. Rachel was a riot to watch. She was squaking and yelling. Frankly, I'm surprised she didn't scare off the ducks. LOL. She has no fear of the ducks that would waddle pretty close to her. She just kept squaking and clapping her hands in excitement.


Kim said...

How fun!

Look how warm and sunny and dry it is there. Sigh.

LOL...I usually don't mind the rain, but this year it's been going on and on and on...

Darcy said...

This last weekend was the first weekend in a couple where it hadn't been raining. It rained something terrible the night before we went to feed the ducks. That's why it looks so nice out. Feeding ducks the day after rain you'll always find hungry ducks. LOL