Saturday, January 07, 2006

A Saturday Trip to our Happy Place

Steven had a church project to work on that was going to require most of his time today, so I decided to pack up the girls and head for Disneyland. It was Hannah's idea to invite Gramma and Papa, and they accepted the invitation. I was happy to get this next picture, it's a running joke in our family that my mom is the Fairy Godmother, as that's what she has told the granddaughters. LOL. I've never seen the Fairy Godmother, except only in parades, so it was exciting to see her out and about. We had a good day. Not going on any rides, but just enjoying our time at Disneyland. Rachel is always so happy to go to Disneyland. She was so happy just sitting on these rocks for the longest time.


Melany said...

That does look like fun :) I love how the girls were dressed alike :) I do that with the boys some times, especially when I know I'm going to take pics

Kim said...

It is cute to dress them alike!

I have been wanting to find some matching outfits for Ryan and Abby, but zero luck on that front. I can't even find shirts that are similar in color or anything (of course maybe if I shopped somewhere besides bargain chains I might have more success). :D