Saturday, December 24, 2005

Rachel's Turn for a Doctor Visit

Rachel woke up this morning feeling hot, so I took her temperature and sure enough, she had a temp of 101.7. I gave her Tyelnol and put her into the bath to try and get her temp down. She started crying when I went to put the thermometer into her ear, so I suspected perhaps an ear infection. Putting two and tow together, it makes sense seeing how she was kinda clingy and whiney yesterday. Not to mention she was kinda poking at her ear, but really that's nothing out of the ordinary.

Thank goodness for our medical clinic having a pediatric urgent care. I was there when it opened at 9, and was happy to see that our Pediatrician was on duty. She no longer had a temperature, her lungs were clear, as were both of her ears. Which I was happy to hear. However, this means she has the start of what's going round...the cold/flu thing. She's acting fine, the plan of treatment is to just keep her fever down, if it returns and come back if she gets worse.

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