Thursday, December 29, 2005

Finding More Friends in the Cleft World

Lately I've received quite a few comments or entries in the guestbook, from people who have run across this blog and have been encouraged or blessed in some way.

Two of the moms have cleft affected babies and we've started corresponding through email. One mom has had almost the exact journey as mine, right on down to not knowing about her baby's cleft until delivery. Her son, Ethan, was born two weeks before Rachel and had his palate repair just days before Rachel, and his other surgeries were also days within Rachels. Knowing that there was another mommy traveling the same journey at the exact time as us, has been amazing. Someone was experiencing the exact same stuff as us around the exact same time!! And to top it all off, it's another family for the Lord! The Lord has helped them through their journey as the Lord has helped us through Rachel's.

Another mom, lives here in Southern California, and another mom who've I've been corresponding with is 9 months pregnant, discovered the baby had a bilateral cleft lip on ultrasound, and she lives in Australia!!

I'm so blessed that Rachel's Journey has touched so many different lives and has allowed me to meet some other really wonderful women!


Melany said...

It's awesome the friends one can make on the internet. It's it just amazing that there is another couple that is going throught he exact same thing at the same time?

Theresa said...

It has been my pleasure getting to know you! I love that technology can be used to bring us closer through mutual experience and a need to communicate it.

Rachel and Ethan are beautiful and always will be. As we learn from each other as moms, I pray they learn from each other as peers going through the same thing at the same time. I pray they never feel alone in this journey.

I think God had a hand in leading me to your website, just as He has great plans for our little ones!