Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Update from the Hospital!

You wouldn't believe the trouble it's been trying to find someone who knows anything about the internet and whether or not you can access it!!! Come on...this is the day and age of technology!! I can't possibly be the only one who needs to access the internet while their loved one is in the hospital!

Steven actually was able to pull up 10 wireless internet server thingys just within the hospital, but we have no username or password. GRRRR.

So here I am, happy as I can be to sneak away and find a computer that accesses the outside world!! LOL. I'm in the Medical Library. Nice place!

Anyways, on to Rachel. Just as my parents updated on the Carepage, surgery went well. They repaired the entire cleft!

We had a good night. We both got some sleep. We were the only ones on our side of the room, there were 3 others on the other side of the wall. But everyone was considerate and had the lights out early and everyone got sleep from time to time.

Rachels tongue is still swollen this morning. The swelling has gone down a little bit. She's had two doses of the steriod that is suppose to help in decreasing the swelling. Unless her tongue is back to normal and she's eating by the time I get back to her room, we won't be going home today! Her tongue is too swollen to be sent home. Sure wouldn't want it comprising her airway. And while she did take about an ounce of water from her special bottle, it's difficult to have the desire to want to eat when your tongue is huge!!!

She's in great spirits this morning considering her tongue is in a constant state of sticking out, her arms are bound, and she's got an IV, and another cord to monitor her oxygen levels. LOL. I'm trying to stay aware of her pain and making sure she gets her pain meds on a regular schedule just to stay on top of the pain. So far so good.

We're all doing good. Hospital time would go by much quicker if you could just get online and surf the day away for hours on end. But this place, despite such medical advances, is still in the dark ages as far as technology! LOL

I'm going to sign off and go answer some email. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers....they are so much appreciated!!


Kim said...

Glad she's in good spirits! It's also an answer to prayer you got some sleep last night...I know how hard that is in the hospital! I'll keep praying for her and all of you.

Btw, why is her tongue swollen?

Jackie said...

Just checking in to see how Rachel's doing. I was hoping you'd be home by now!! I hope the swelling has gone down and you'll be discharged soon - it sounds like she did really well. I will keep checking fo rupdates.

Steven said...

The doctors are telling us her tongue is swollen from the retractors used to move her tongue out of the way during surgery. They say this is rare but does happen about once a year. (That's what they said when her lip adhesion came apart too...what are the odds of that?) :)

Her tongue is still swollen as of now. It's about a 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch think where it sticks out of her mouth. Can't tell how big it is beyond that as you can't see into her mouth.

Kim said...

Wow! Poor baby! I'll keep praying. Thanks for the details. I was wondering how her tongue got involved.

Darcy said...

I meant to share the specific details as to how it came into play, but in all my excitement of finding internet connection, I forgot my rough draft I had in my head. LOL

Melany said...

I'm so glad you managed to update. And that she is in good spirits. What a little fighter she is!