Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Recovery Day 17

Not much to report as far as Rachel's recovery goes. Everything is going great and it's hard to believe that surgery is already 2 weeks behind us.

Aside from still wearing the restraints, sleeping in her car seat, and being restricted to a soft food diet, she's prety much back to her old self. Except she has developed this spoiled brat attitude through this whole ordeal. LOL. Needless to say we're all looking forward to hopefully getting the final okay to ditch the restraints and the okay to return to her normal diet.

She's recently discovered the Little Tikes playhouse we have in the backyard and she loves it!!! It's so funny to watch her toddle from one end of the yard to the other enjoying her freedom and the great outdoors! Taking her outside has helped distract her a couple of times when she was frustrated for one reason or another.


Melany said...

I'm so glad to hear that everything is still going well. :) Cute photos too

cheryl said...

I'm so glad to follow Rachel's progress. Your website is a blessing, you know! Love to all of you, Cheryl Conklin