Saturday, August 27, 2005

Party Day!

Today was Rachel's birthday party! It's so hard to believe her 1st birthday party has come and gone!

It was a great party! Most of the invited family in the area came and helped celebrate the special occassion. We served dinner, followed by the opening of the presents, and ending the celebration with cake and ice cream!

Rachel was blessed abundantly by the generousity of our families. She got some absolutely adorable outfits...she'll be stylin this winter...assuming it ever cools off! From her Gramma and Papa (my parents), she got a traveling Tinkerbell suitcase (for staying the night at Gramma and Papa's...when ya want the girls?!?!? ::hint, hint::), with a little baby doll, and a duckie book. However, the most anticipated gift from Gramma and Papa was the hand quilted quilt! It's absolutely beautiful. For each of the granddaughters (no grandsons...just 4 granddaughters!), my mom has handquilted them a quilt for their first birthdays. Hannah still sleeps with her blankie everynight! The quilts are a treasured, a well used, and loved keepsake!

Rachel also got some new books and some new toys that she, and Hannah, both will enjoy!!! It was a great day and the little girly was exhausted by the time the celebration was over!

To view more party pictures, you can visit Rachel's 1st Birthday Party!


Kim said...

Happy Birthday, Rachel! Looks like you had a fun day!

Darcy said...

Thanks Aunt Kim....we're saving the present you sent until Wednesday...her actual birthday! :)

Grace said...

Happy Birthday Rachel!! Sorry we missed your party!! It looks like you got some really fun toys! WHOO HOOO!! Darcy, I love the duckie theme! It looks so cute! The cake looked great and it was very yummy too!!

Love you, McKenzie and Auntie

Melany said...

Happy birthday Rachel!!!! I loved looking at her pics!! She sure is on spoiled little girl :)