Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Appointment with Dr Martin

Our appointment with Dr Martin went well. He comes from John Hopkins. He has a much better first impression than our previous plastic surgeon. He was nice and had a better bedside manner. Both Steven and I like him.

Anyways, the plan is to proceed with the palate repair. However, before we can schedule a date for sugery, Rachel will need to be seen by the ENT doctor to determine if tubes in her ears are necessary. With normal cleft babies, there is a high occurance of reacurring ear infections. Rachel has been blessed to have only had one ear infection in the last 12 months! However, Dr Martin wants the ENT to check her out and make the decision.

So, the nurse will be trying to get us to be seen by the entire craniofacial team sooner than our scheduled appointment on September 26th, or seeing if Dr Rowe, the ENT, can see us sooner than that. Once we see him, it'll be a matter of matching up their schedules for surgery.

So, for those of you who are always so kind to pray for Rachel, if you'd please be praying that they can work us in somehow to see Dr Rowe sooner than the 26th of September, so as to not delay surgery any longer, we'd really appreciate it!!! Thanks! :)


Kim said...

Wow, great news. It's always nice to like your child's doctor! :D

I'll be praying.

Melany said...

I'm so glad you feel comfortable with the doctor. I hope you manage to get an appointment with the ENT soon