Wednesday, August 31, 2005

12 Month Pictures

I took Rachel to have 12 month pictures taken yesterday. And boy did they ever turn out GREAT!!!

You can view all the pictures by going going to Rachel's 1 Year Pictures!


Kim said...

Cute! The washtub ones are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Oh Darcy you were so right, they came out GREAT....TOO cute. I love the one's where she is walking...Time flies doesnt it?
Save a pic for me!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those did come out really nice! Picture People? In all the times I have gone, I haven't been able to get McK and HB to smile like that, or at least get it captured as good. Rachel looks SO sweet. She will be up on her feet, walking all day in no time, huh?

Darcy said...

Sears! I've had this particular photographer before. Use to travel to Redlands to get her when I did pics of Hannah. She was a booger to get to cooperate for pics. Sears always has coupons and is soooo much cheaper than Picture People. And now, at Sears if you really want your pictures back the same day, like at Pic People, they'll print them out for $3.00 extra a sheet.