Friday, July 22, 2005

Update on the Plastic Surgeon

Every week, for the last several weeks, I've called the appointment desk of the Plastic Surgery department, inquiring as to whether or not they had the new plastic surgeons schedule in the system yet. Last week when I called, the receptionist was kind enough to contact the Nurse Practioner in charge of doctors schedules. The information was passed on to me that she had Rachel in her book for the new plastic surgeon and I would be contacted when he arrives.

Just wanting an update in reguards to Dr Martin's arrival, schedule, etc, I called and left a message for the nurse practioner yesterday. She returned my call this morning, and let me know that Dr Martin will physically be here on Monday, however, he is still waiting for his California license, therefore they still have no schedule for him. It was quite evident that the nurse knew Rachel's name (from the calls I've previously made) and again assured me that she'd call me just as soon as they have a schedule for the new plastic surgeon.

Now that I've been reassured several times over again, and I know Rachel is in her book, and her name is known, I think I'll stop being a pest for a while. LOL

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