Monday, July 04, 2005

The Last of the "1st Holidays"

July 4th marks the last of Rachel's 1st holidays. Now that we're in the month of July, it's so hard to believe that Rachel's birthday is next month!! Next month!!! Where in the world did the last year go?!?!?!

Anyways, for the 4th of July we stayed close to home, our Cul de Sac had a block party. We had a huge BBQ with all the fixings and then watched the local fireworks from the middle of the street. The surrounding streets around our Cul de Sac do fireworks really big, like professional shows, shooting them up high in to the sky. So we always have an array of shows surrounding us.

Rachel enjoyed the day hanging out and playing with Gracie and other neighborhood friends. This picture is of Rachel (10 months), Gracie (8 months), and Erika (1 month). This time next year, all three of them will be up and running about with all the rest of the kids on the street!

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Melany said...

It's amazing to think next year, they'll be running that time my baby will be sitting up and babbling