Friday, June 17, 2005

Latest Scoop on Rachel's Next Surgery

Yesterday, we received a form letter in the mail thanking us for our interest in the Plastic Surgery Department, and that at this time appointments to be seen are 6-8 months out, with surgery dates another 4-6 months out from then. Upon reading that, I wasted no time in calling the phone number to the nurse practioner who had sent the letter. Waiting 6-8 months just to be seen is just not acceptable. I had to leave a message on her voice mail.

I was suprised when I received a call back from the nurse practioner first thing this morning. I'm not used to getting such promptness in having my calls returned. :) Anyways, she said the plastic surgeon filling the opening on the craniofacial team wasn't expected to start seeing patients until August. I expressed my concern for Rachel to getting her palate repair fairly soon as I don't want her speech to be severely affected. The nurse assured me that Rachel is in the books as one of the patients to be placed on Dr. Martin's schedule as soon as he arrives and starts his clinic hours.

But at this point we're looking at palate repair to be end of August, possibly September.


Kim said...

I'll be praying for expediency with the new surgeon! I know that's got to be frustrating. (Maybe Rachel and Ryan will be having surgery close to the same time. We find out more next Monday.)

Melany said...

I hope they can do it soon. Like you said: The sooner the better

Dana said...

Rachel is a beautiful baby, Darcy. I'll keep her in my prayers. Say hi to Chick from Jamie.

Colleen said...

Hi Darcy,

I came here from Emily's blog as I see you've visited Zachary's page:) Rachel is gorgeous! I had to leave a comment on the palate surgery info, for as you know, we just got done w/ that one :) You're a wonderful advocate for your daughter and I wish you the best of luck w/ this surgery. I'll check back in.