Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Disturbing News Article...

I was browsing the internet this afternoon, in search of other blogs about cleft affected children, and I found something disturbing. According to this news article, Cleft Lip Abortion Done in 'Good Faith', two doctors in the U.K. escaped prosecution for authorizing a late term abortion on a woman who was pregnant with a baby who would be born with a cleft lip and palate. Their arguement in favor of allowing the abortion was that "in good faith, that there was a substantial risk the child would be seriously handicapped."

A cleft lip and palate is not a handicap. Both are totally fixable...as evident of Rachel's repaired lip, and evident as Emily's repaired palate. Sure, having a cleft palate may require some speech therapy along the journey, but by no means is that a handicap.

Abortions in general are disturbing to me, but this news story really hit home. Rachel despite being born with a facial birth defect, is just as perfect as any baby who is born without a facial birth defect. She's babbling, eating, crawling, walking around the furniture, and getting into everything just as a "normal" baby does, just as any other baby who is aborted would do, if given the chance.


Kim said...

How terribly sad! My heart is aching after reading this.

Melany said...

That is SO sad!!! I'm with you on abortions. It's just so horrible.

I saw my little one on u/s for the first time on Monday. I'm only 10 weeks pregnant. It's a perfect little human in there. How could anyone kill him/her!