Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Rachel's on the List...

the waiting list for preschool, that is!! LOL.

I had been advised by the preschool director to put Rachel on the waiting list for the 2007/2008 (boy does that sound weird!) preschool year before Hannah ends this year and we're gone for a few years. Once Hannah ends preschool in a couple of weeks, we'll be gone, and it'd be easy to forget when preschool registration begins, etc. Having Rachel on the list, the office will call in the spring to remind me to enroll her. Much to my suprise, there were two other babies on the list already, both younger than Rachel! I'm sure that as fast as these last 9 months have gone, Rachel starting preschool will be here before we know it!!!

1 comment:

Melany said...

Oh shame...can't imagine that she has to be on the list already :)