Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day!!

The reasons I can celebrate Mother's Day as a two girls. I'm truly blessed.

Mother's Day this year was a little different for us. My mom and dad left this morning for a trip to the Grand Canyon and Steven's mom is no where to be found. We've come to the conclusion she must have gone to visit her sister in Las Vegas. But this year, Mother's Day was all about ME!!! LOL.

We had a relaxing day...grabbed a quick lunch after church and then came home and relaxed all afternoon and then went for a nice dinner at Claim Jumper. The evening church service was cancelled and it was really nice having the break of needing to be back for our ministry obligations.


Melany said...

This year Mothers Day was all about me too :) It's nice to receive acknowledgement for what you do as a mother :)

Susan said...

Beautiful photo Darcy, beautiful girls. I hope you made a copy to frame.

Susan said...
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