Friday, April 15, 2005

Prayers for Emily...

I know there are many friends and family who check Rachel's Journey regularly who pray for Rachel. I'm hoping that those friends and family will now offer up prayers for little Emily.

Like Rachel, Emily was also born with a cleft. However, Emily was born with a bilateral cleft. It was much, much worse than Rachel's. Emily is scheduled for surgery for Tuesday (the 19th) to have her palate repaired and tubes placed in her ears. However, I received an email this morning from Emily's mommy that Emily has a really bad cold and an ear infection! They aren't sure at this point whether or not surgery will still be performed in 4 days. Unfortunately we know the stress and anxiety that comes with potentially having surgery cancelled due to being sick.

Emily's story and the help and encouragement I've gotten from her mommy, Jackie, have meant more than I could ever express. It would be such a joy to know that our friends and family who pray for Rachel, will also include Emily in their prayers for a speedy recovery from her cold and that they will be able to go ahead with her surgery on Tuesday.

You can visit Emily's web site by clicking on the link in the link's section.

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Jackie said...


I stopped by Rachel's blog to see how she's doing and what a nice surprise I got with this post. Your support means so much to me right now. Emily is doing better today - she's still stuffy but she's playing and happy. No fever! She's been getting a lot of sleep, so that's helping her mend. Hopefully all will be on for Tuesday. Meanwhile, I keep bursting into tears thinking of the surgery. Your prayers mean a lot. Thanks again and lots of love.