Monday, February 14, 2005

The Restraints Come OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whooo Hoooo! Rachel is Free!

I called our plastic surgeon's office this morning to check on how long the restraints needed to be left on. Everything I've read online says 3 weeks, however, our discharge papers don't give a time frame, and we don't have our post op appointment until next Tuesday. So I called and asked his nurse. She checked with one of the other plastic surgeons and he said they normally suggest 2-3 weeks and that they could come off today. The nurse assured me that Rachel couldn't undo anything at this point. :)

I laid Rachel down for a nap in her crib, not in her carrier, and without the restraints, she didn't know what to do with herself! She was kicking and squealing in delight that she was a freed girlie! After watching her mobile for a while, she rolled to her side and drifted off to sleep...she's still sleeping and we're approaching 2 hours!!! Yahooo!


Bette & Bob Pomrenke said...

You, Steven and Rachel have to be overjoyed.

It is amazing how far you have come in the journey.

Bette & Bob

Anonymous said...

Rachel looks so peaceful and I hope you all feel that way as each day goes by. Wonderful that she's making such strong good progress!
Take care,

Kim said...

What a relief! Is she putting her hands to her mouth a lot? So happy for her and you!