Wednesday, January 05, 2005

So Frustrating!!!

After the events of this afternoon, I'm not quite sure what the Lord was doing with having us meet that couple at Lowe's on Saturday. You'll see why by the end of this post.

When we last saw Dr Lehocky at Rachel's surgery post op appointment on November 30th, he was going to perhaps try and work us in to redo Rachel's surgery in the month of December, if not December then January. I've been leaving messages on his surgery schedulers voice mail for the last 4 weeks inquiring as to a date, if we have authorization from the insurance, etc. No on has ever returned my calls. This week, I started leaving messages everyday. Today I was so frustrated that no one had returned my calls that I called back again after lunch....and much to my surprise, the surgery scheduler actually answered her phone. She said I was on the list to call this afternoon, uh huh, yeah right. @@ <~~ rolling my eyes.

Anyways, it took her a while to find our file and I was placed on hold several times as she came back and forth to get information from me (did ya not get the very detailed messages I left on your voice mail everyday for the past 3 days?!?!?!) I was given January 31 as a surgery date. I told her that date was unacceptable and desired something sooner. It was then that she told me the 31st was Dr Lehocky's last day at Loma Linda!!! He's leaving the area.

The scheduler called back to inform us that there is a possible opening for January 12th providing the person scheduled for surgery continues to not return her calls. We're not sure we really want Dr Lehocky starting something he won't finish at this point.

When I asked the scheduler about the other plastic surgeons on the team and whether or not we could get an appointment to be seen by one of them soon, she said a consult would be possible, however, they are all booked up as far as surgery through the end of February. Waiting until March isn't acceptable either, Rachel will be 6 months old.

I called the office of another plastic surgeon whom we've heard wonderful things about. In fact, he was the doctor who started the craniofacial team at Loma Linda. He's now in private practice and not contracted with any insurances. Apparently making too good of money bringing in cash from all the people wanting extreme makeovers. LOL. However, we're thinking that perhaps we could pay cash for a consult just to get his professional opinion as to what to do, what surgeon would he recommend, etc.

UGH! All this entire situation is just so frustrating. I know God is in control and I don't doubt He still has a great work to be done in Rachel's life, and mine through this journey. But how come this journey isn't a smooth one?? Why so many bumps in the road??

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