Sunday, January 09, 2005

A Good Reminder...

I was listening to the online broadcast of the service of our previous church this morning, the message was on why God allows suffering. How many times have I not wondered that over the last couple of months, not for the sadness and sorrow I sometimes have for having this journey, but why did God allow Rachel to have a cleft lip, cleft palate, and a cleft gum. Needless to say, I know Rachel could have been born with much more severe things, but it doesn't make what we're going through any less important or less difficult to endure.

The message today was a good reminder that I needed to hear. I know in my head that God allows suffering for different reasons, I just needed to be reminded of the different reasons. It's my prayer and desire that this "suffering" Rachel has to endure, this journey to making her face whole, would allow me to be a witness for the Lord. To be able to give God all the glory when things happen that were ordained by Him...for example meeting that couple at Lowe's...that was God! I want to share with others all that God has done for our Rachel and in our life along the way.

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