Friday, January 28, 2005

First Night Home

Rachel was discharged from the hospital around 4:30p yesterday afternoon. And were we ever ready to get out of there! The room Rachel was in, had a wall dividing us from the other room, but only half way. So at any given time of the day or the night, there were potentially 5 other babies/toddlers crying, screaming, or alarms going off. It was enough to drive you crazy!

Rachel's first night home went well! Rachel has to have arm restraints on for 3 weeks and cannot have anything rub her lip. And because she has become a side sleeper, we had to strap her in her car seat and have her sleep in that. She did it though! She slept the night through!

As for eating, she's a little fussy. But who wouldn't be?!?! We're thinking she is having to learn how to suck, swallow, and breathe all over again, so her bottles are making her easily frustrated.

Other than that everything is going great! Her wide eyes are back and she's smiling!


Kim said...

So happy to hear everything is going well. I will continue to pray for you all, especially that she will learn all the new things she needs to learn. Thanks for sharing and keeping us updated!

Anonymous said...

Gee ... see what happens when I don't read your site for a few days? Major surgery, daily dramas but ... so many answered prayers! :)
Blessings for you during this time; it's been a hard week for all of you. Glad things are going smoothly now!
Take care,