Thursday, December 16, 2004

Happy Girl!

Quickly approaching 4 months old!!


Anonymous said...

Bette & Bob Pomrenke

there is nothing wrong with with short & chubby? I have been that way most of my adult life.

Gosh she is getting big and I can sure tell who her daddy is.. Of course maybe she takes after mom more than dad but I have seen more of Steven.

Your family is in our prayers and we wish you a blessed Christmas

Darcy said...

Oh for sure, there's nothing wrong with short and chubby, we're just used to tall and chubby! LOL.

Thank you for your continued concern and prayers for Rachel and for our family!

Darcy :)

Anonymous said...

Are her eyes going to be blue, do you think? Or are they still that baby blue? (Kim Garner)

Darcy said...

I think her eyes will be blue. They are so blue...and wide!!

I was working on posting that picture to the family site the other day and then lost my connection and just haven't been back to the desktop to try posting it again. I'm glad you came and saw the picture here! :)